Sustainable homes in the European market: Electrolux proposes the EcoLine selection


A “green revolution” in Europeans homes is underway, and numbers prove it: according to a recent study conducted by Electrolux, 65% of citizens are determined to make more sustainable purchasing choices for their homes. One of the main reasons for this change? Undoubtedly the increase in energy costs weighing on energy bills, as confirmed by 86% of respondents who have actively worked to reduce consumption over the past year. The current circumstances, however, are triggering an evolution in people’s habits that is bound to have consequences in the medium to long term as well. According to 88% of Europeans, in fact, saving energy will also be crucial throughout 2023 and for 58% it will be the determining factor in choosing a new household appliance from now on. The intentions are good, then: but the process prior to purchase is not always intuitive, with only 26% choosing the least impactful models. Comparing price, performance and efficiency in the light of one’s own needs is still too often difficult and cumbersome. This is why 88% want to be helped in this decision: Electrolux aims to respond to this need with the EcoLine selection. The line includes a series of products designed for the entire home. From laundry care to cooking, the models are united by a single goal: to make every house a place where respecting the environment can become a simple everyday action. For washing machines and dryers, for example, the watchword is containment of water, energy and detergent consumption. As Electrolux highlighted, the proposals have an energy class higher than the best class A on the market thanks to functions such as the AutoDose drawer, which allows softener and detergent to be dosed correctly for each load, reducing any waste, and Ultrawash, which washes at 30ºC saving 30% energy. They also feature Steam PRO technology, which uses a steam cycle to cool clothes in just 25 minutes, using up to 96% less water than traditional methods. The dryers also rely on heat pump technology to save up to 68% energy compared to a conventional dryer.
Moving into the kitchen, steam is an ally for preparing healthier recipes, and more. Electrolux EcoLine ovens use this cooking technique to preserve the nutrients in food, cutting energy consumption by up to 20% and also offering a special steam cleaning function that saves up to 95% energy compared to pyrolytic method.
When it comes to food storage, Electrolux EcoLine refrigerators are the most energy efficient models – the company explains. They combine this with an eco-friendly design, thanks to interior linings made of up to 70% recycled plastic, and waste-reducing features such as the GreenZone drawer, which preserves up to 95% of vitamins, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for a long time.