New Dyson Gen5detect: a powerhouse of technology


The new Dyson Gen5detect is designed to be the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner of the company. It features the fifth-generation Hyperdymium motor, which reaches up to 135,000 rpm and is smaller, faster and better performing than its predecessor. The engineers have built this motor around a shorter shaft, have achieved a very compact size, and ensured high energy efficiency. Besides, the appliance has a fully sealed HEPA-filtration system: thanks to the 1.9 m filter that is folded 145 times, Dyson Gen5detect captures 99.99% of potentially harmful particles up to 0.1 microns, including viruses. In addition, 14 cyclones remove dust from the air stream, with no loss of suction. “The best filter – Charlie Park, Vice President Floorcare at Dyson, explains – cannot provide clean air if there is a chance of dirty air escaping the machine. Our engineers have worked hard to ensure that all of our Dyson vacuum cleaners have a filtration of the whole machine. In our Gen5detect vacuum cleaner, we have taken it a step further with HEPA filtration to ensure that even viruses as small as 0.1 microns remain trapped in the machine”.
Another novelty is the Fluffy Optic brush, which has been redesigned: it now reveals twice as much microscopic dust thanks to a brighter, wider light beam, so users can see exactly where they have to clean. Dyson designed the new light source to be positioned as low in the brush as possible, projecting a blade of light to illuminate particles deposited on floors. This was a big design challenge having to fit the optical lens, the printed circuit board (PCB) and the thermal solutions into a small space without compromising the suction capacity. Other innovative elements are the user interface and software. The product features a completely renewed interface that shows in real time when the surface is clean. A piezoelectric sensor uses the acoustic detection to count and classify the particle sizes, while the bars on the LCD screen rise and fall based on the volume of particles removed, so users know when to move on to the next area and when to spend more time on cleaning. In addition to the software updates of the UI, the Gen5 motor also required the development of new software to monitor and control speed, power and temperature of the motor, which works in parallel with the new UI, allowing owners to troubleshoot potential problems. Additional product pluses include the integrated accessory to dust and clean the crevices, the battery autonomy of 70 minutes and the 0.77-liter dust container with ejector mechanism that allows convenient dust removal.