World Environment Day… even in the kitchen


On the occasion of World Environment Day 2023 (5 June), an event promoted by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) that with the slogan #BeatPlasticPollution this year promotes the importance of eliminating plastic pollution, the kitchen becomes a protagonist carving out a leading role in this fight. Brands such as Zerica, Sabaf Group and InSinkErator are presenting products and initiatives that move in this direction, reminding us that preserve the planet begins between the cookers where, more than in other environments, consumption can be controlled by limiting waste and the use of materials that are harmful to the eco-system.

Zerica and the H2O Dossier, first of all water
To boost the message of World Environment Day, the Sicilian company Zerica, a reference brand in the design and manufacture of machinery for the intelligent and high-tech management of water, presented the H2O Dossier. This is a composite document where, in addition to highlighting the qualities of this precious resource, the company explores issues and suggests tools to avoid unnecessary waste and safeguard the environment. From use in the home to use in a company or restaurant, everyone can make their own contribution with water becoming an all-round useful resource in unusual ways. Using filtered water at home, in a company or in a restaurant has many benefits: no storage and handling of bottles, neither full bottles nor returnable empties, a simplification that combines with a non-negligible economic advantage especially at a time when transport is uncertain and expensive. It also fuels a planet-friendly approach by reducing emissions and contributing to the ecological transition. This management is also possible remotely through the innovative Auxilia app, an advanced telemetry system entirely developed by Zerica for remote control in real time of plant operating parameters and to perform remote diagnostics and technical assistance. In this way, the level and quality of the water supplied are always under control. From temperature to purity to the quantity of gas, Auxilia monitors everything, leaving no room for chance and transforming its machinery into modern tools to make the kitchen efficient.

Sabaf Group and the Charter of Values
For the Sabaf Group, an Italian multinational company that is one of the world leaders in the creation and production of components for the precision kitchen, the defence of the environment passes through the person, who is the original value and the fundamental criterion of every choice made by Sabaf. Through the public signing of a Charter of Values, the Group therefore renounces any choice that does not respect the physical, cultural and moral integrity of the Person, even in the face of possible decisions that are apparently efficient, economically convenient and legally acceptable. Among the key points of this commitment:
• to guarantee, in all countries where the Group operates, respect for human rights and workers’ rights, according to the principles stated from Global Compact and APPLiA Code of Conduct. These principles are related to child labor, forced labor, health and safety at work, freedom of association and right to collective negotiations, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, and compensation policies;
• to value the contribution of human capital in decision-making processes, fostering continuing education, professional advancement, and the sharing of knowledge;
• to adopt employment relationships based on merit and competency as well as the achievement of collective and personal objectives;
• to value and respect diversity and rejecting all forms of discrimination for reasons of gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, health, political opinions, race, and religious beliefs in all phases of employment;
• to identify and analyze any form of potential hazards or risks involved in the company procedures to render the workplace safe and employee-friendly.
• to establish a responsible and constructive dialogue with trade union organizations, promoting a climate of mutual trust in respect for the principles of integrity and transparency, each following their respective role.

Removing waste directly in the kitchen with the household food disposer
An ally for managing food leftovers in a sustainable way is the household food disposer invented 85 years ago by InSinkErator, as the company explains. This tool, available in different models depending on the household, allows quick, hygienic and sustainable treatment of food leftovers, neutralising quickly the waste destined for landfill. Conveniently positioned by the plumber, it enables any type of organic residue to be eliminated by shredding them down to a semi-liquid stage. With the disposer, the amount of food waste is reduced by 30%.