Luciano Galimberti re-elected President of ADI


The ordinary elective assembly of ADI (Association for industrial design) reconfirmed Luciano Galimberti to the position of President. The program for the next three years, presented by Galimberti, sees – along with the strengthening at public institutions of the role of the ADI Design Museum and its full recognition as a national cultural center – the development of a coordinated strategy for the association and for the ADI Foundation, which manages the museum. While the foundation will be primarily concerned with design culture, the ADI will increasingly take on a “political” role in consolidating this culture in the contemporary, aimed at spreading of social innovation through the tools of design. “The association – Galimberti said – will take a position on current events in a positive and proactive way, intervening with increasing strength by proposing solutions that adopt the key of design”. Among the tools of this strategy are the Historical Archive project currently being enhanced, proposals to institutions on the application of the Made in Italy Bill, and the evolution of the intellectual property protection system, hitherto managed in an advisory capacity by the ADI Design Jury, into a full-fledged institutional conciliation body.