Sipro: multi-spindle winding machines


Sipro realizes multi-spindle winding machines that offer the complete automation for most bobbin winding requirements. These products present solid design, patented spindle transmission, high speed, short cycle times, and high precision. Other technical features are: stand alone machine with operator, with automatic loading/unloading or directly integrated in automatic lines; complementary operations (axial/radial tag wrapping, pneumatic cutters, single wire-double wire, taping, stripping, tailstock, programmable wire tensioners, wire tension monitoring, thermobonding etc.); PC controlled with Windows user interface; simple teach in programming; and remote assistance. Besides, different solutions are possible:

  • BWM (normal duty): wire diam. 0.02-0.5 [mm] – spindle no. 2..8, spindle pitch 50-80 [mm]
  • MBL (medium duty): wire diam. 0.02-1.0 [mm] – spindle no. 2..18, spindle pitch 50..240 [mm]
  • MBT (heavy duty): wire diam.0.1-2.65 [mm] – spindle no. 2..8, spindle pitch 160..480 [mm]