SuperOven: technology for cooking with the oven even in the summer


Cooking with the oven even when it’s hot, by preparing healthy food quickly and enhancing the nutritional characteristics: Unox Casa has designed SuperOven with technologies and features that make it possible to obtain these performances. The appliance is equipped with a triple glazed door, which keeps the heat inside the oven avoiding dispersion into the surrounding environment. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated hood, odors are effectively absorbed. There are many cooking possibilities: the oven is equipped with a large and intuitive digital panel capable of activating over 400 automatic programs. Thanks to the sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the product, it is possible to cook food evenly and faster than in a standard oven. Besides, it is also possible to carry out all types of cooking, including steam cooking and more professional ones. SuperOven Model 1S features a single cooking chamber, but the Model 1 version with double oven is also available. Finally, Unox Casa makes the “Cook Like a Chef” digital platform available to customers: it is integrated into SuperOven and allows users to be supported by cooking experts through numerous video recipes, whose cooking program can be downloaded directly onto the oven.