Samsung: high efficiency and AI in the new washing machines launched in Europe


Efficiency and AI-enabled functions are at the heart of the new Samsung washing machines launched in Europe, which include models in energy class A-10% and A-20%, as well as a model in class A-40% with Acqua Save. This technology conveys soapy water to the clothes through the circulation pump: laundry gets wet easily and the detergent penetrates evenly, improving the wash efficiency. Besides, this system allows consumer to save water and time when using the Cotton cycle. In fact, it uses up to 20% less water than traditional washing machines and the density of the detergent in the water increases with the same amount of detergent. This improves the washing performance and reduces the cycle time by up to 25%. With SmartThings Energy‘s AI Energy Mode, instead, it is possible to check daily, weekly and monthly consumption, with the opportunity of estimating the monthly spending. If the bill exceeds the user’s goal, SmartThings Energy can activate the energy saving mode, which intelligently reduces the energy consumption by up to 70% compared to the wash in hot water. Other innovations enabled by the Artificial Intelligence are AI Ecobubble and AI Wash. The first adapts the cycles to the laundry. Based on the type of fabric recognized, the system regulates the amount of bubbles (which quickly dissolve dirt and stains) as well as the wash time, the water temperature and the spin speed. In this way, the wash in cold water is just as effective as the wash in hot water. As for AI Wash, it treats clothes delicately and thoroughly with less water and detergent. Thanks to an advanced detection system, it recognizes the weight and softness of the fabrics and actively monitors the level of dirt. AI Wash uses the information collected to dispense the appropriate amount of water and detergent. It continuously adjusts soak, rinse and spin times to get the best results. Consequently, it optimizes the washing performance and reduces waste. Other features include the Rapid Ecowash program (a cycle can be completed in just 39 minutes) and the Less Microfiber cycle, designed to ensure that clothes lose less microplastics during the wash. By regulating the motor rotation speed and the wash intensity, this cycle reduces the amount of microfibres released by up to 54%. Furthermore, with Detergent Scan and Care Label Scan it is possible to scan the detergent and the wash label, respectively, with SmartThings and send the information to the washing machine in order to add the appropriate amount of detergent to the laundry and treat the clothes correctly.