Energy under control for top cooking


Induction hobs allow cooking while optimizing energy consumptions, the heat exploitation and the available space. The credit goes to innovative systems and components that make their use more and more flexible.

Concerning cooking hobs for domestic use, the flexibility is one of the primary requirements expressed by users, together with the attentive control of energy consumptions. Even more, innovation plays an important role precisely on the winning synergy between these two aspects. Starting from induction hobs, where the component equipment makes the difference to reach high performance without wastes of heat and energy.

Utmost flexibility
Comfort, safety and energy saving are three targets in Beko research and manufacturing. «In recent years the category of hobs is probable the one that has witnessed the most relevant changes in the sector of big household appliances – explains Michela Lucchesini, Marketing and Communication Manager of Beko Italia –. As the time goes by, consumers have more and more understood the comfort and the benefits of induction and have decided replacing old gas hobs with state-of-the-art induction hobs». A solution that contributes in decreasing energy consumptions and in improving usability under safety conditions. «Induction hobs are much more efficient than gas ones as they allow limiting heat dispersions. In terms of safety, the hob does not overheat if there are no pots on it, so avoiding the risks connected with the gas use». Beko induction hobs are equipped with Power Management and they offer the possibility of limiting the maximum absorbed power. «This makes them even more efficient and sustainable, as well as suitable for any cooking requirement. The standard meter power in Italian houses is 3 kW, for this reason we have decided proposing hobs that can be limited to a minimum of 1.2 kW; if consumers decided increasing the meter power up to 6 kW, maybe exploiting photovoltaic panels, through the Power Management function it is possible, with a simple key combination, to modify the maximum power absorbed by the hob, up to reaching a power of about 7 kW».

HII85770UFT induction hob by Beko

According to Beko, if it is true that induction is becoming a standard, it is also true that proposing new technologies is fundamental for companies, to offer new innovation and use flexibility opportunities to more and more demanding consumers. «Our HII85770UFT hob represents the new induction frontier: due to the presence of infrared sensors, the TempAssist technology grants the best cooking results for any recipe. Either if we want to cook at low temperature, to make water boil or to fry, the hob allows setting up the exact temperature level, from a minimum of 65°C to a maximum of 230°C. The benefits provided by the availability of such cooking precision are manifold: let us consider, for instance, the smoke point of various oils. Fixing the temperature immediately under the smoke point, it will be impossible to see our oil burning in the pan. We think that the possibility of setting up the cooking temperature level in the saucepan is a revolutionary aspect». Beko HII85770UFT hob combines precision and innovation with flexibility, too: «the width of 80 cm allows us to propose a hob equipped with five independent cooking zones: the central zone is dedicated to precision cooking, with TempAssist technology equipment, whereas the left side of the hob is characterized by two zones that, if needed, can be joined in a single large section through IndyFlex technology. Therefore, it will be simpler using a large pot or a grill, always granting the utmost efficiency in results». To meet the control performances of an advanced hob, Beko has prearranged a state-of-the-art display. «The intuitiveness of Touch Slider controls is another prerogative of this hob: each zone is equipped with its own control panel and it is possible to choose among nine power levels and set up temperature in user-friendly and fast manner».

Smart control sensors
«Induction for the domestic hob is the technology that is increasingly taking hold – states Giovanni Soggiu, Product Manager Cooking Bosch & Siemens –, since it assures the achievement of excellent results more efficiently, optimizing the time and energy consumption. Siemens hobs are equipped with functions that strengthen and maximise both saving levels. Technologies such as fryingSensor Plus and cookingSensor Plus allow automatically adjusting the pot temperature while cooking, by using sensors that communicate with the hob, minimizing times and energy wastes. Moreover, all Siemens hobs are provided with the Power Management function that allows limiting the total consumption of the hob to 1 kW, depending on users’ requirements in the appliance use». The domestic scenario of household appliances is living a deep transformation phase, strictly intertwined with the development of connectivity technologies and systems. «Users increasingly try having at their disposal a “home-system” composed by household appliances that dialogue one another. Siemens hobs with the most advanced technology can be connected with the hood by the cookConnect system and the latter, communicating with the hob, sets up the suction level according to cooking setups». The role played by the component is essential to grant high use performance, glancing at the bill drastic reduction. «Siemens induction cooking hobs are provided with various kinds of sensors that allow minimizing the energy consumption and communicating with the other Siemens household appliances equipping the domestic environment».

iQ700 EX807LX67E induction hob with integrated hood by Siemens

In compliance with the requirements expressed by users, the induction hob based on activeLight technology exploits the presence of blue LEDS instead of conventional silk printing to identify in a glance what hob zones are active and with what cooking intensity, filing the setups of each single pot. The induction hob with activeLight is equipped with four in-line inductors that can be used individually or to make up a single large zone, with the addition of two auxiliary inductors that are automatically activated to heat very large pots, even if they exceed the flexi zone. This is joined by motion functions, automatic pot recognition and the dedicated Wi-Fi module. The inductionAir Plus system combines the performances of the induction cooking hob with the suction hood flushing with the ceramic hob, equipped with flexible cooking zones, smart sensors and silent suction. The Home Connect app allows entering inductionAir Plus from whatever point or location, also outside home, adjusting the suction level of the fan, visualizing filters’ saturation level and controlling if the hob is switched off.

Waste-free perfect cooking
According to Electrolux «sustainability is the focus of its constant commitment to consumers to support them and to encourage them in the direction of a more and more aware lifestyle protecting the Planet – explains Chiara Colombini, Product Line Taste manager of Electrolux Appliances –. All technologies that we propose are the fruit of a research that aims at the efficiency optimization and environmental impact reduction». This direction is also pursued by the development of induction cooking hobs: «the electric current used in the process, in fact, has an average 90% efficiency, whereas the one of gas stoves does not exceed 40/55%, with a dispersion of a large part of the heat in the air. Starting from this evidence, we have developed solutions that maximize induction potentialities in terms of saving». To avoid excessive consumptions, attention and precision in cooking phase are fundamental. «SenseBoil cooking hobs by Electrolux, for instance, are equipped with a special sensor that perceives the vibrations of the boiling water and automatically adjusts the necessary heat level. Pursuing the same target, we have produced a thermal wireless probe able to detect temperature at the food core and to communicate it directly to SensePro hobs by AEG, able to self-adjust autonomously, consequently, to ensure the right heat dose, without useless wastes».

Thermal wireless FoodProbe of SensePro IAE84881IB induction cooking hob by AEG

Besides cooking performances and consumption reduction, «flexibility, versatility and reliability are essential requisites in all Electrolux products. TotalFlex by AEG, high end hob of the brand, matches such characteristics relevantly. For a use always in the name of the utmost efficiency, it has been made with a reactive glass surface able to detect automatically where the pot or the pan are placed and to start the heat in each point of the area: it is so possible to modulate one or more cooking zones according to one’s own requirements». Besides being practical and customizable, the kitchen of the future will be more and more assisted, where household appliances autonomously perform also functions of control, regulation and coordination with other appliances. «We have therefore developed, with both Electrolux and with AEG, hobs equipped with Hob2Hood function, able to exploit the integrated connectivity to establish a wireless connection with the hood: the latter is automatically activated by adjusting the suction speed according to the cooking level». In Electrolux, the development of new forefront technologies starts from people’s needs and from their new domestic habits. For this reason, «we are constantly researching smart highly computerized solutions, which can satisfy increasingly priority requirements of functions and consumption protection. An example of that is the FlexiPower Management system, equipping state-of-the-art Electrolux and AEG hobs, permitting to adjust the electric watt absorption from 1.5 kW to 72 kW, according to temporary requirements and other household appliance in use. Therefore, such function simplifies the power management of our own meter: besides saving energy, it then allows preventing blackout risks, even with a standard utility contract».