Induction cooking: Bertazzoni proposes its tips & tricks


Induction cooktops can be ideal assistants in the kitchen and perform multiple functions to facilitate cooking. Bertazzoni, a company specialized in Made in Italy kitchen appliances since 1882, proposes its top tips for making the most of induction technology. Using very large cookware can be challenging, but with the Bridge Function, which allows user to combine several cooking zones to create a larger one, the consumer can prepare dishes such as pasta, meat, grilled vegetables, sauces and jams for numerous guests. For preparations that require long cooking times at low and constant temperatures, the Simmering Function, which maintains a constant temperature of 85°C, will help user prepare tomato sauces, soups, braised dishes and even ‘risotto’ pasta with precision and delicacy. Induction cooktops also allow gentle and rapid defrosting of frozen foods. The Melting Function guarantees perfect results for both savory and sweet pastry preparations, as it is suitable for gently melting butter and chocolate at 45°C. To optimize time and carry out other activities while the food cooks, the consumer can use the End of Cooking Function to set a timer (from 1 to 99 minutes) that will automatically turn off the relevant cooking zone. The Pause/recall Function is also very useful as it temporarily interrupts cooking while allowing user to reactivate the cooktop with the same settings as previously used. Another useful feature, especially if guests are running late, is the ability to keep food warm without compromising quality, thanks to the Warming Function. The dishes will be gently kept at a temperature (not exceeding 70°C), without reaching boiling temperatures that could burn the bottom of the cookware or dry out the food. “Induction technology – the company explains – also reduces the risk of burns and the need to use pot holders. Unlike gas cooktops, the pans do not overheat as they only have an inductive core in the cooking zone (and not in the handles). The precise and accurate temperature control guarantees uniform cooking, minimizing the risk of burning food thanks to the particular reactivity of Bertazzoni induction cooktops”.