Burner for pizza oven



Neapolitan pizza with a prominent crust, thin-crust pizza in the Roman way, pizza cooked in a skillet, a shovel or a pan. In Italy pizza is not just one, and the definition of “original” is difficult to apply to just one of these declinations. Around the world, Italian recipes have been joined by more modern ones closer to fast food, including regional updates in Indian, Chinese, Thai, or French styles. Effect of the pandemic is, moreover, the trend toward increasingly homemade production of this food. The consequence of this phenomenon has been the supply by industry operators of products designed and developed specifically for non-professional users, thus in fact even more sophisticated and functional than those used in the restaurant sector, in order to ensure a good cooking result even for non-experts. Always ready to recognize and develop the market demand, Flam Gas faces the outdoor sector with a line of burners for domestic pizza ovens. Designed and developed by Flam Gas’ R&D department, these atmospheric burners are created specifically for the application in pizza ovens for private and outdoor use. The specific flame design makes it possible to achieve a cooking result comparable to wood but avoiding the problems of soot, ash, cleanliness and greatly improving hygienic-health aspects such as cooking and air healthiness. The line includes burners developed to operate with power ranging from 6 to 12 kW and with the main fuel gas families (natural gas, liquid gas, city gas). Given their particular elasticity of operation, they are well suited for use with professional-type gas valves with or without the use of the ignition pilot burner. Made partly of carbon steel and partly of AISI304 with subsequent chemical nickel-plating treatment, they guarantee perfect corrosion resistance in line with products normally intended for outdoor use. In addition to the burner line, Flam Gas can supply a whole range of accessories for connection to the gas valve, such as gas fittings, injectors, and flexible hoses.