Motors: U52 Series by Fise


Fise manufactures universal brush motors for a wide range of applications. In the last few years the U52 Series went through different changes and innovations: the main goals have been the decrease of the weight and the extension of the motor life. The stack height is 15 mm, the stator diameter is 52 mm, and the power of this motors goes from 60 W to 180 W. This product is available in four models: A, B, C and D: they differ for the speed (the D version is the fastest one). Besides, different motors holders are available. U52 is supplied in various voltages (230 V, 120 V and 100 V) and complies with EN 60-335-1. On request is possible to produce the motor with materials suitable for UL certifications, and also the thermal protection is under request. The company is able to realize customized executions. Finally, the main applications are hairdryer, hand dryers and balloon inflators, etc.