LG aims to boost the internal software capabilities


The “LG Software Developer Conference (SDC) 2023” took place recently at LG Sciencepark in Seoul. The two-day event was held to facilitate communication and the exchange of technological expertise among the company’s professional software developers. The conference focused on the theme of “The Possibilities of Convergence” and the presentations covered six different areas: AI/big data, mobility/automotive, platform/architecture, software technology/development culture, cloud and emerging technology. Presenting in the platform/architecture category, researchers from LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company and CTO division introduced ThinQ UP 2.0, which signals a new direction in home appliance software with its seamless combination of appliances and services. LG recently announced its future vision to transform into a “smart life solution company”, and is speeding up efforts to strengthen its software capabilities across the whole organization. The company feels that software is crucial in connecting the various spaces in people’s lives and to creating an expanded and more connected customer experience. To this end, LG is collaborating with major universities in Korea and around the globe to identify and secure new talent in software development, and is operating an in-house software reskilling program to accelerate the training of its new recruits.