Hitachi: new Yutaki heat pumps to support sustainability


Hitachi Cooling & Heating launched the Yutaki heat pumps. These environmentally friendly systems produce cooling, heating and domestic hot water by transforming air from the outside into heat, reducing electricity consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. The Yutaki S Combi model is a compact heat pump suitable for new, energy-efficient buildings and renovations of buildings with medium or low energy requirements. Low noise emissions and a small footprint (600 mm wide by 600 mm deep) make the system’s indoor unit easy to install in small rooms such as a kitchen, utility room or equipment room outside the home. Yutaki S Combi achieves high seasonal efficiency ratings of up to A+++ for heating and A+ for domestic hot water production. The storage tank is incorporated in the indoor unit and is made of high grade duplex stainless steel. This 220 litre domestic hot water tank makes the product ideal for apartments, B&Bs, shops, bars and small to medium sized businesses (40 to 300 m2). Yutaki S instead comes with a power rating of between 2 to 10 Hp, and is a versatile system developed for installation in both renovations and new builds with varying energy requirements, from minimal to high. This range (compatible with new or retrofitted cooling and heating systems) is a class A+++ solution for condominium units with independent heating, small and medium-sized detached houses, as well as for buildings with shops, bars, restaurants, fast food outlets, bakeries and B&Bs where the outdoor unit and the indoor unit are far apart and at very different heights.
Considering the Yutaki S80 model, it is the Hitachi heat pump designed for renovations where existing boilers are only to be replaced or where it is necessary to keep the old heating radiators. This system can be retrofit in any existing installation: underfloor heating, fan coils, but also traditional radiators and centralised systems. Yutaki S80 can also be installed in energy-efficient buildings with a high demand for hot water, such as villas and medium-sized detached homes, B&Bs and hotels. Additionally, it can be used in shops, conference halls, multi-purpose centres, company canteens, school buildings and swimming pools. With Constant Power technology, the product can produce hot water up to 80 °C even when outside temperatures drop to -20 °C. Specifically, electricity consumption for high temperature hot water production is reduced and efficiency is twice that of a traditional boiler. Available with a power rating of between 4 and 6 Hp, the compact indoor unit of the underfloor system can be installed in a utility room, laundry room or dedicated equipment room. On the other hand, Yutaki S80 Combi is the version with built-in tank for domestic hot water production, recommended when replacing boilers. It can be incorporated into systems with both radiant panels and radiators. The Smart Cascade technology optimises performance levels to save even more energy.
The heat pumps present the Scroll DC Inverter compressor and use 75% renewable energy from ambient heat and only 25% electricity. The units convert 1 kW of electricity into 5 kW of thermal energy, reducing carbon emissions by up to 75% over traditional heating systems. Finally the CSNET Home app allow to manage the product with smartphone or tablet.