Connection technology: SLK 8 and KADO HD by Electro Terminal


Bluetooth technology, optimized dimensions and increased user-friendliness: these are some pluses of the new generation of connection terminals by Electro Terminal. The SLK 8 is a miniaturized, screwless luminaire connector with integrated CASAMBI-CBM003-radio module. The connector enables to control the luminaires via Bluetooth and app. The main features of the product are: screwless luminaire connection & DALI power supply combined; easy detachment of upper wires with push-button, detachment of lower wires by twisting & pulling; integrated Casambi-CBM003-radio; 5 poles for power supply and DALI; complete luminaire connector – 16A (daisy chain wiring); up to 6 DALI-channels; range indoor up to 30m, outdoor up to 50m; protection class IP 20; different fixing and earthing variants available; default profile SLK 8 Broadcast, all DALI addresses can be controlled with a dimmer (=Broadcast); further profiles available upon request.
As regards to the KADO HD, it is a new generation of cable connection box for the household appliance industry: it enables higher torque and features optimized dimensions to reduce the overall height in the device. The concept of integrated strain relief, screws and cover, already proven in previous models, is also used here and increases user-friendliness and process reliability. The main features of KADO HD are: 5 or 6-pole variants; pole engravings on both sides; user-friendly strain relief through latch lock (diameter 7 – 15 mm); large clamping range, open cage; robust hinge technology, included two parking positions; suitable for test adapters – directly at the contact point; suitable for RAST 5/10 connectors and single fastons; special design of the earth-tag for a safe connection; same cutout as KADO XT (like predecessor KADO K 1/6).