Miele Duoflex HX1: simple handling thanks to the SpeedLock system


The new Duoflex HX1 cordless handstick from Miele has the SpeedLock system among its peculiarities. Users can quickly transform the product from a complete vacuum cleaner to a hand-held unit: they simply have to slide the lockring down to release the PowerUnit (consisting of the motor, rechargeable battery and dust box) and the floorhead from the suction tube. Things are even simpler with the SpeedLock wall bracket (depending on the model): when the PowerUnit is pulled upwards out of the holder, it is ready for use immediately, leaving the suction tube secure in the bracket. To work with the suction tube, it’s necessary simply to pull the unit forward to release it from the wall bracket. The cleaning performance is a direct result of the Digital Efficiency motor in combination with the Vortex Technology. This is further supported by the new 25 cm wide Multi Floor electro-brush. Its roller brush automatically detects the type of floor and, on hard floors, reduces speed, saving energy and conserving battery power. As regards to this component, the appliance is equipped with a lithium ion battery with seven high-power cells. The Duoflex HX1 operates using a two-stage filter system: coarse and fine soil is filtered out in the first stage in the pre-filter. The coarse debris collects in the transparent dust container, whereas the fine dust passes through to the second stage of filtration. Here, even the finest of particles are held back by the fine dust filter. The ComfortClean function ensures convenient filter cleaning: just a few turns of the lid is sufficient to shake dirt particles into the container. This way, suction power remains consistently high, and the washing of the fine dust filter is not necessary. When emptying the dust container, dust is released hygienically at the touch of a button (Twist2open). Finally, the product is available in six colours.