High efficiency brushless electric motors



They are the motors of the future, with high efficiency and low ecological impact.
In recent years, Fise Spa has concentrated design and production efforts on brushless/digital motors: brushless motors for which we also design the electronic control board.

EC brushless motors

Among the advantages they offer, there is greater energy efficiency (they are very high efficiency motors), greater durability (over five times compared to the life of commutator motors) and above all, they lead to less pollution, thanks to the elimination of brushes from the motor and the possibility of using the appliance for longer without having to replace it.
In this range of products Fise has developed 4 different dimensional platforms: 45 mm, 57 mm, 83 mm and 94 mm, with which the company covers different product applications, including: hair dryers, hand dryers, vacuum cleaners, liquid vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, door openers, grass cutting robots, gate openers, professional mixers, coffee grinders, etc.

Suction brushless motors

To be more competitive with this type of product, in addition to developing the control driver internally, with the support of an internal electronic laboratory, Fise decided to design and build two robotic lines for the automatic production of brushless rotors and stators, where they will be able to produce all existing platforms and new requests from customers.

Electronic boards to drive brushless motors