Ilva Glass: borosilicate glass for oven


Electa borosilicate glass by Ilva Glass has a high resistance to the high temperatures (up to 500°) and for this reason it is particularly suitable for use as an internal glass for pyrolytic or self-cleaning ovens. Its composition allows to reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion of the glass matrix, thus increasing the temperature performance. “Another important property – the company explains – is its high resistance to chemical attacks, which makes it particularly suitable for applications in the cooking environment, characterized by the presence of various agents such as steam, greases and acids”. Ilva Glass produces its Electa borosilicate glass through Novatech, the company of the Group specialized in the production of raw materials. “Electa borosilicate glass – the company adds – is made using a floating molding process (completely similar to the float glass molding process). This allows to obtain perfectly calibrated and highly transparent sheets. The standard glass molding thickness is 3.8 mm, but other thicknesses are available on request. After appropriate thermal treatments, high performances are obtained in terms of mechanical and thermal resistance of the glass and resistance to scratching”. In addition to the oven inner doors, the Electa borosilicate glass can be used for cooking trays and other components such as covers which protect the bulb of the oven lamp from extreme heat, protective covers for internal vision cameras in the oven, and accessories for microwave ovens.