Polti comes back to the coffee machine market with Polti Coffea


Polti comes back to the espresso coffee machine market with a new product: Polti Coffea, an appliance that works with E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods. The launch coincides with that of SOLO, the single origin espresso coffee in E.S.E. pods offered by Aroma Polti, a Group company specialized in the marketing and distribution of coffee. The two proposals are designed in combination (although Polti Coffea can work with all types of 44 mm E.S.E. pods) and are a solution that aims to be an alternative to plastic capsules. At a design level, Polti Coffea is conceived in such a way as to be practical in use and easy to clean. Furthermore, the pod ejection drawer is automatic, allowing the user not to get the hands dirty. The removable tank also simplifies the water filling operations and the automatic switch-off supports the energy optimisation. The machine allows user to prepare espresso in a few moments and is equipped with a system for regulating the quantity of coffee dispensed and the temperature. Polti Coffea is realized in four models (two black and two white) with metallic finishes. Upon purchase, the product is supplied with a tasting kit including 54 pods of SOLO single origin coffee. Finally, the Polti Coffea range will be expanded with new models in the first half of 2024.