“Are you sure you know everything you could?”: second edition of the Manual of general culture


The second edition of the “Manual of general culture. Are you sure you know everything you could?” (title in original language: Manuale di cultura generale. Sei sicuro di sapere tutto quello che potresti?) has been released: it is written by Roberto Albanesi and published by Tecniche Nuove. The volume is not an encyclopedia but a work to be studied to build an excellent cultural background. If a reader consults every single entry in an encyclopedia or Wikipedia, with this book it is possible to have solid humanistic and scientific foundations by addressing the various “subjects” in a global way with an effective (and not notional) approach. Using both the author’s experience as a scientific communicator and the latest discoveries on the theory of memory, the manual condenses all the information that constitutes the intellectual baggage of someone who can be defined as a person of culture. Many of the topics are also linked to the set of knowledge that a modern citizen feels necessary. The volume is also useful for preparing for competitive exams, which often have a part related to the general culture in addition to the individual subjects, or for approaching a subject that can later be deepened for personal or professional interest. This second edition, expanded and updated, also offers two new chapters relating to Civic Education (from the Constitution to digital citizenship) and Ecology and sustainability.

Roberto Albanesi, a graduate in Electronic Engineering, founded the albanesi.it website in 2000 with the aim of disseminating everything needed to improve the individual well-being, by reaching over 1,800,000 monthly unique visitors in 2019. The site then evolved and in 2021 scuola-e-cultura.it was born, whose purpose is the knowledge because “knowledge is a very powerful weapon to improve our lives”.