Green Energy Power, an alternative to the traditional laminated transformers


The components of GEP (Green Energy Power) series are products of Bluergo’s Le@f brand. “It is a line of PCB power supplies – the company explains – proposed as alternative to the traditional laminated transformers with many advantages: standard dimension if compared with traditional transformers, high efficiency, high power density”. These products can be applied in the home automation. The main technical features are: input voltage 100-240 Vac; frequency 50-60 Hz; max. no load power 0.2 W@230Vac; output voltage accuracy 2%; output voltage range 3.3 – 5 – 9 – 12 – 15 – 24 Vdc; max. operating ambient temperature 50/70°C; input/output isolation 4kV; size EI30 – EI38. The series complies with the EN60950, EN61558, EN60335, EN55022 standards. Other pluses are: low standby power consumption that meets requirements of Energy Star or EC Code of Conduct; output power from 2,5W to 10W; input and output electronically protected; regulated output voltage; high insulation between input and output.