Pure Black, the 3 ovens linked by a “black thread”


The fil rouge in this case is a “black thread”: Electrolux in fact chose the non-colour par excellence for its new SteamCrisp, SteamBake and SurroundCook Pyrolytic ovens, characterized by an essential design. The glass aesthetic and the black metallic finish give these products a contemporary style. As regards to the performance, the SteamCrisp oven is able to give crunchiness to dishes and preserves the taste, consistency and nutritional properties of the ingredients. Thanks to a precise regulation of the humidity during the cooking process, it prevents foods from drying out. The EXPlore LED display, equipped with interactive touch buttons, offers a quick control over all the aspects of cooking (from time to temperature), a technology integrated also in the SurroundCook Pyrolytic model. Finally, SteamCrisp is equipped with the AquaClean steam cleaning program. This latter is also present in the SteamBake multifunction oven, ideal for preparing leavened food (pizzas, muffins etc.). The humidity generated inside the cavity facilitates the complete leavening of the dough, furthermore the appliance ensures the uniform heat circulation and the multi-level cooking. Finally, the SurroundCook Pyrolytic model has a cleaning system that heats the oven to high temperatures in order to transform greases and residues into ash: thus cleaning becomes simple. During cooking, the oven keeps the internal temperature constant, while the fan distributes the heat evenly. In addition, the XL baking tray allows user to cook large quantities of food at once.