CES 2024 | Sharp presents its technologies for Smart Living


Sharp‘s booth at CES 2024 presents the Smart Living according to the company. Central is the CE-LLM (Communication Edge-LLM) edge AI technology, powering a virtual tour guide capable of engaging visitors with naturally paced and lively interactive conversations. The exhibit highlights a high-speed oven with proprietary Quad Heating technologies. “Combining the industry’s first gold carbon heater for charcoal grill flavor, convection circulation, inverter control microwave, and intelligent cooking control, this high-speed oven helps reduce cooking time to as little as 1/3 of that of a conventional home oven”, the company explains. Sharp is also showcasing powerful hair dryers and upright vacuum cleaners designed to operate at or near 50db, approximately as quiet as a household refrigerator. Moreover, non-contact vital signs sensors and the vital signs sensors for wearable devices are shown.