CES 2024 | Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo has enhanced AI features


Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, a vacuum and mop robot cleaner, brings enhanced AI features and steam cleaning to realize an easier cleaning experience for users. The upgraded AI Object Recognition evolves from the technology previously introduced in the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+. It expands the number of objects it can distinguish, enabling more precise driving thanks to the 3D sensor applied. The most notable improvement is that AI Object Recognition can also recognize space and stains. It determines and categorizes mapped areas like a living room and a kitchen, and automatically suggests setting up “no-go zones” such as the bathroom, the veranda or the entrance, to ensure the robot vacuum avoids designated areas. Meanwhile, when the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo detects a stain, it goes back to the clean station to heat the mop pads with high temperature steam and water and then returns to the area. With powerful spinning mops at 170 RPM, it can actively scrub off even hardened stains. Additionally, the model can sense the floor type to provide enhanced cleaning, using a feature called AI Floor Detect. It distinguishes between hard floors and carpeting, and then automatically boosts its suction power which is appropriate even to vacuum up deep-lying dust in carpets. Furthermore, it helps prevent users’ carpets from getting wet and being contaminated by dirty mop pads. When the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo detects a carpet, it determines whether to lift up the mop pads or to detach them at the clean station to provide the improved anti-cross contamination solution. Besides, the clean station supplies a 3-step Total Cleaning System for mop pads, which includes auto wash, steam cleaning and auto dry with hot air. After it washes the mops with hot water heated by high temperature steam, it then sprays steam on them to prevent odors.