Gaggia Milano: design and connectivity in “La Radiosa” coffee machine


Gaggia Milano’s La Radiosa stands out for its design centred on its door, which is surrounded by RGB Leds, allowing user to change its appearance. This fully automatic coffee machine is characterized by compact dimensions and flexibility. Besides, the product has an automatic cleaning cycle and is equipped with the EvoMilk technology, which allows user to set-up various doses, temperatures and densities of fresh milk, but also to drink hot and cold perfectly foamed milk. Through its 10” touchscreen user interface, it’s possible to create custom drinks icons, adjust the colour of the Leds and more. The product presents embedded WI-FI/Bluetooth and the pre-set 3G cellular connection. Finally, La Radiosa has a 24V high throughout pump with adjustable flow, and the density of soluble drinks can be adjusted according to the taste.