Whirlpool: the Supreme Silence dryer reduces noise to a minimum


Whirlpool’s Supreme Silence is the company’s quietest dryer with a maximum noise of 58 decibels. In addition to a low-vibration inverter motor, the product includes sound-absorbing Zen side panels to absorb vibrations and the Zen Sound Pack, which counteracts the sound frequency spectrum. Thanks to the 6TH SENSE technology, fabrics are protected and energy resources are saved: after selecting the desired program, the sensors and algorithms automatically set the ideal temperature and drying time based on the type of fabric, size of the load and humidity level. The dryer also uses the heat pump technology for a more efficient and effective drying performance. Other pluses of the product are the self-cleaning condenser, the 3Dry Technology (it conveys the hot air into the drum in a homogeneous way, allowing a more delicate and multidimensional distribution of the heat), the Drum Light (which illuminates the inside of the dryer when consumer opens the door), the FreshCare+ function (which inhibits the proliferation of the main sources of bad odors inside the appliance for up to 6 hours after the end of drying) and the easy ironing cycle. Besides, the Supreme Silence dryer pairs with Whirlpool’s Supreme Silence washing machine range.