The advantages of steam technology for garment care


The Truth About Laundry Report from Electrolux Group highlights that many consumers unnecessarily wash clothes just to get their garments fresh. Innovative steam functions not only provide freshness but also help consumers to save water and energy while making their clothes last longer. Washing machines equipped with steam functions allow consumers to freshen up clothes when they do not need a full wash. As highlighted by Electrolux Group, functions such as SteamCare and ProSteam use over 96% less water and 30% less energy compared to a complete washing cycle. “The gentle SteamCare program enables consumers to quickly refresh one or two garments at a time, such as a blouse or shirt – explains Calina Gavril, Care Experience Marketing Director for Electrolux Group –. In 25 minutes, gentle steam removes creases, odors and restores that newly washed feeling to even delicate garments”. Additionally, SteamCare washing machines can give a gentle whoosh of steam at the end of a wash to help remove wrinkles by around a third. Finally, the Hygienic Care program uses the power of steam to remove up to 99.9% of allergens and germs.