Tools production and stamping, the two “souls” of Bora


Bora designs, manufactures and performs maintenance of tools, besides the company serves the Household Appliance and Automotive industries also with its sheet metal stamping department. “The continuous interaction between our R&D, Tools Department, Stamping Department and Quality ensures innovative and winning solutions to our customers”, the company explains. The R&D designs the tools and provides the industrialization for the components that will be stamped in the company’s production lines. “We have a long lasting experience – Bora comments – that enables us to be leader in the drawing of complex transfer and progressive tools”. Bora cooperates with the customers from the initial stage of the product study, in order to optimize the geometry and the raw material consumption. “We are able – the company adds – to simulate all the stamping steps so that we can modify the element to avoid breaks and stops during the production process”. Bora ensures the end-to-end control on the production process, from forming simulation to drawing, through tools manufacturing up to stamping. The company serves the Hood, Cooking, Washing, Cooling and Thermosanitary segments.