Flam Gas: solutions for domestic ovens


Flam Gas, specialized in the manufacturing of gas burners for cooking (for domestic and professional use), is able to study and design different solutions for domestic ovens, according to customer-market demands and the specific manufacturer requirements. “Since these burners are available with different thermal power and properties – the company explains – they are intended for various lines of household units”. Some examples of the company’s offering are the products of the Series 60: 3.2 kW and 4 kW grills, made of aluminized iron; 3.2 kW infrared grill (aluminized iron, stainless steel A309S); 4.5 kW-3.2 kW-2.3 kW burners, made of aluminized iron.
Other products realized by Flam Gas are the oven burners and grills of the Series 90. Among the proposed models there are: 4 kW burners (aluminized iron), 5.3 kW and 4.5 kW grills (aluminized iron), 4 kW infrared grill (aluminized iron, stainless steel A 309S). Besides, the Series 120 completes the proposal with possible solutions such as the 8 kW infrared grill burner designed for static oven with large cavity (maxioven), made of aluminized iron/stainless steel A 309S; and the 7 kW maxi oven burner designed for static oven with large cavity, made of aluminized iron.

Grill for oven of the Series 60 (4 kW, aluminized iron).