Inarca brings its connection technologies to Coiltech


At Coiltech Deutschland 2024, Inarca presents its connection solutions and in particular the IDC technology, the Inar-Splice technology and the Rast IDC technology. “We offers – the company explains – a comprehensive range of IDC terminals for connecting both copper and aluminum magnet wires. Using Inarca’s IDC magnet wire terminals means the connection phase can be automated. They can therefore be used in automatic electric motor production lines. Some of the most used applications are motor windings, electric coils, transformer windings, reactors, power supply units and actuators”. Besides, as regards to Inar-Splice, Inarca adds that “using this technology to make connections eradicates all issues related to solder connections: cold solder defects, solder burrs and tin residue on the wires. Crimping makes it possible to achieve outstanding mechanical characteristics and hence superior resistance to vibrations. Affording an excellent quality electrical connection, free from contamination by enamel or soldering tin residue”.