Steam cleaning: new Polti Vaporetto Pro 8X Eco Plus


The new Polti Vaporetto Pro 8X Eco Plus is a steam cleaner characterized by a boiler that can reach up to 5 BAR. Thanks to the ECO function it is possible to save water and energy, furthermore the steam allows for deep hygiene (it neutralizes dust mites and allergens and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria) and cleans without chemical detergents. The appliance has unlimited autonomy: in fact it can be topped up at any time with simple tap water. With its 1900W power it is able to treat all surfaces, including hobs, glass, bathroom fixtures, etc. The Vaporflexi brush then guarantees the distribution of steam over the entire cloth, which can be applied and removed easily without having to use the hands. This slim, flexible component cleans all floors, including carpets, wood floors and rugs. Finally, the product has a front compartment for storing the various accessories.


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