EUROCUCINA/FTK 2024 | Sabaf Group: an innovative motorized hinge for Smeg Omnichef oven


Sabaf Group collaborated with Smeg for the motorized hinge of the Omnichef oven, now exhibited at Eurocucina/FTK 2024. Designed by Faringosi, a brand specializing in hinges and part of the Sabaf Group, the motorized system – patented worldwide – allows the oven door to be moved completely automatically, without the direct intervention of the end user. Equipped with an autonomous PCB board with dedicated firmware, the motorized system controls the movement of the door in every phase and angle of opening and closing. In the event of an obstacle, the system instantly blocks the door. Besides, it is customizable and each manufacturer can program it according to their own needs and/or recipes. The same PCB board manages the activation of the motorized hinge through a standard I/O communication system with the oven’s electronic board: it is an autonomous system in all respects but integrated into the oven, therefore no further cards and/or protocols need to be added. “It is an extremely innovative product – the company explains – but at the same time very practical. In fact, it is always possible for the end user to open or close the door manually, even in the absence of electricity, without any interference with the motorized system”. The opening and closing command can be programmed to be performed in multiple ways, depending on the specifications chosen by each manufacturer: separate physical opening and closing buttons, single physical opening and closing button, touch screen, proximity or motion sensor, dedicated remote control, app for smartphones, tablets, etc., voice control through voice assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.