The K-LINK technology by Franke connects hob and hood


The new K-LINK technology has been designed to connect Franke induction hobs and some hoods of the brand. The connection is made possible by an integrated system which, with a simple gesture, connects the two appliances, allowing the hood’s suction power to automatically adapt to the chosen cooking level. “When the hob is turned on, the hood activates automatically – the company explains –, turning on the lights; once the pan has been placed on the cooking zone and the power level has been selected, the hood automatically adjusts the extraction speed based on the cooking. After the hob is turned off, the hood continues to operate for a short period of time, to effectively remove residual fumes and vapours, while the lights remain on to illuminate the cooking area”. Furthermore, K-LINK was also designed with an eye to the efficiency, because it eliminates the risk of setting a suction level too high, reducing energy waste and minimizing unnecessary noise.
In detail, K-LINK allows user to connect the Mythos K-Link and Maris K-Link induction hobs with some hoods from the Mythos range and the Maris range by Franke. These hobs share an adjustable power between 2.5 and 7.4 KW (9 cooking levels, plus the Booster function). They differ slightly in size: Mythos K-Link is a 77×51 cm appliance and has 5 cooking zones, 2 bridge zones and Slider Touch controls for each zone. Maris K-Link has more compact dimensions (65×51 cm), 4 cooking zones, 2 bridge zones and a single central Sliding Touch control. Among the Franke hoods that allow a connection with the Mythos K-Link hob, there are for example Mythos Vertical Pro K-Link (90 cm vertical hood in energy class A++ with High Performance filters and an extraction power of 880 m3/h), Mythos Ceiling K- Link (90 or 120 cm, energy class A+, suction power of 720 m3/h and controllable by remote control or via the Franke@Home app) and Mythos Built-in Drip Free K- Link (90 or 120 cm built-in hood, class A+ and with anti-condensation function characterized by heating elements, inclined baffle filters and water collection tray).