Whirlpool: solutions for kitchens of any size


The latest appliances proposed by Whirlpool for the built-in segment aim to satisfy the design needs of any kitchen, offering compact appliances (45 cm) or 75 cm solutions (for example the Space 400 refrigerator or the Space 75 oven). Furthermore, the technologies integrated into the products simplify the daily actions. The new WCollection oven embodies this concept, for example thanks to the Food Sensing Probe, equipped with 6th Sense Technology, which is capable of monitoring both the cooking of dough and liquid bases (as in the case of a cake), and solid foods such as meat or fish. The oven presents dedicated modes for steam cooking, sous vide, and AirFrying.
In addition, the new WCollection compact oven with microwave is based on a new platform and boasts a high cavity capacity in a 45 cm appliance, allowing for simultaneous cooking. The Cook3 feature lets user cook on three levels without mixing flavours or aromas. This model also offers Crisp and CrispFry functions and features a temperature-sensing probe. Finally, Whirlpool’s next-generation WCollection induction hob presents the HeatControl: user can easily specify the exact temperature required for the recipe. It will then consistently maintain this temperature, ensuring the best results with a little effort.

WCollection Kitchen Suite