Oxyweld: no more gas cylinders for brazing


Oxyweld manufactures Oweld gas generators since 1981. They are available in different models and for various applications including electric motors, power & distribution transformers, refrigeration and air conditioning. The model 30000HD (in the picture) presents capacity of 7500 liters gas/hour, pressure ˂ 0.5 BAR, distilled water as fuel and no storage of gas. “This gas generator – the company explains –works only with water and electricity through the process of water electrolysis. The gas generated (hydrogen and oxygen) produces a neutral flame which develops a temperature of about 3650 °C and can weld, braze or solder all non-ferrous materials in a short time compared to traditional systems. The gas coming out perfectly mixed and does not require any adjustment by the operator. In this way companies can standardize them brazing process. Each Oweld gas generator is fully automatic and easy to use. The only operation required is adjusting the pressure of gas needful for the specific application”.


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