Electro Terminal: halogen-free plastics in household appliance terminals


Sustainability and circular economy are increasingly at the center of household appliances manufacturers’ attention: an important development in this regard is the avoidance of harmful substances in the electrical industry. “Manufacturers of electrical appliances – Electro Terminal, a company that for 60 years has been offering connection solutions, explains – have a responsibility that extends beyond the end of the life of their products. This particularly concerns the use of brominated flame retardants. These have been under criticism for some time due to their environmental and health impacts. Due to their persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic properties, these substances must be separately collected and processed according to WEEE regulations. For manufacturers, this not only represents an additional burden in terms of the environment but also higher costs. At Electro Terminal, we have been using halogen-free plastics in our household appliance terminals for over 20 years. Clearly, our cable junction boxes also meet the high flammability requirements for electrical connection components in unattended household appliances. This helps us to contribute to environmental protection and to provide our customers with safe and sustainable products”.