Advanced materials: LG launched PuroTec


LG launched LG PuroTec, an antimicrobial glass powder. “Designed to safeguard product hygiene and suitable for diverse applications – the company explains – this innovative material leverages the company’s proprietary glass composition design technology and thorough understanding of real-life home appliance usage environments”. PuroTec, a portmanteau of the words Pure, Protect and Technology, possesses anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that prevent microorganism contamination and associated odors. LG’s glass powder can be incorporated into various materials, including plastics, paint and rubber. Additionally, it provides chemical and thermal stability, as well as durability and resistance to discoloration. LG first began developing antimicrobial glass powder in 1996, and now holds 219 patents related to the production and application of glass powder. The company manufactures the material at the LG Smart Park in Changwon, South Korea.