Zoppas Industries solutions for the consumer coffee market


Zoppas Industries develops high-performance heating solutions for the coffee machine industry. “We develop – the company explains – thermal control software and control hardware integrated with our heating solutions which can be customised by our workshop to suit the customer’s needs. We provide our expertise, enriched by experience in the global home equipment supply network, to turn every coffee into a unique experience”. Zoppas Industries is able to offer the twin set: thermoblock and electronic control. “To fully enjoy the aromas of the world’s most famous drink – the company says – we propose a solution that combines knowledge of the heating component with a deep understanding of the mechanisms at play in the thermal performance of the machine”. The company’s family of heaters, which is constantly undergoing updates, is developed to combine performance, versatility and flexibility. No less important is sustainability which, since the design stage of a product, should guide companies to propose solutions that can concretely reduce energy impact also through tools such as the digital twin. “In order to ensure our customers receive the most suitable product for their needs – the company adds – we have developed a support platform to co-design the ideal solution and thus prevent waste of material and energy consumption”.

Twin set: thermoblock and electronic control