Patelec’s cables and cords for the White industry


Patelec’s cables and cords cover the White industry applications and offer a large range of worldwide homologations. “Our internal vertical production, from copper rod to cords – the company explains – ensures, for each manufacturing step, full quality control, nowadays mandatory for critical and safety products as power cords. The integrated process enables us to serve the market with the highest flexibility in terms of batch sizes per plug and cable type. Besides, the strategic localization of Patelec manufacturing plants, in Poland (close to the German border) and in Ningbo (PRC), allows customized global or local to local logistics”. The products range includes: the main European plugs and worldwide plugs; heat resistant PVC and rubber cords for cooking application (H05V2V2-F/ H05RR-F/ H05SS-F); green products (H05Z1Z1-F); customized assemblies and connection solutions; cable sets and cords assemblies including terminal blocks; re-wirable plugs (Norway plug).