Samsung F1rst 75 AI: the 75 cm combined refrigerator


Samsung Electronics presented in Europe F1rst 75 AI, the 75 cm class A combined refrigerator equipped with SmartThings Energy. The new high-efficiency Digital Inverter compressor has been redesigned to extend the radius of the rotating parts: this allows to increase the inertia by 4.1 times compared to the traditional compressor. In this way this component can maintain the energy for longer and consume less. Besides, the Digital Inverter compressor helps reduce the noise level. Another plus of the refrigerator is the SmartThings AI Energy mode which allows user to monitor daily, weekly and monthly consumption and estimate the monthly electricity bill. If consumption exceeds the established estimate, the mode can also proactively save energy. Finally, the SpaceMax technology guarantees wide capacity. The refrigerator is designed with thin sides and features efficient insulation to increase the storage volume while maintaining constant temperatures.