New IN-NOVA Zero Drip Plus hood with anti-condensation system


During the induction cooking, pans are heated quickly and the generated fumes and vapors create a significant thermal shock on the surfaces of wall cabinets and hoods. This temperature disparity leads to the production of high humidity, determining the condensation problem. Removing it is important to protect the wall unit in which the hood is installed and prevent drops from falling on the hob, compromising its performance. For this purpose, Faber has equipped the new IN-NOVA Zero Drip Plus hood with a system that includes a temperature-resistance that evaporates the drops caused by the condensation. User can solve the problem even during prolonged cooking by touching the Zero Drip button. The baffle filters convey the water into a collection tray which, thanks to the intuitive mechanism, can be easily removed with just one hand and emptied. The hood is also equipped with an alarm that warns when it is time to clean the grease filters or replace the activated carbon filters. The model (made of stainless steel, with a white glass surface) is available in different sizes (60, 75, 90 and 120 cm) and features touch controls, LED lighting, dishwasher-safe filters and energy class A+.