Cimbali Group obtained the UNI Pdr 125 certification

Fabrizia Cimbali, CEO of Cimbali Group.

Cimbali Group has obtained the UNI Pdr 125 voluntary certification, which aims to ensure greater participation of women in the labor market and reduce the gender pay gap. The commitment to supporting the gender equality is expressed in all areas of the certification: governance, culture & strategy; HR processes; work-life balance; remuneration equity; opportunities for growth and inclusion. “This certification represents one of the many objectives that the Group’s path towards social sustainability wants to achieve – Fabrizia Cimbali, CEO of Cimbali Group, underlines –. For us it represents a recognition of our way of doing business, in which people increasingly play a central role and, without whom, no success would be possible. It highlights, once again, the importance of management processes and corporate welfare actions that have always characterized the Cimbali Group’s way of working, constantly operating responsibly, ensuring value for people and generating well-being for the community”.