Sliding Premium hinges on the AEG dishwashers


The new Sliding Premium hinges, developed by AEG for the built-in dishwasher segment, support panels of different weights and sizes. These hinges allow to better integrate the appliance into the kitchen: they are very resistant, support high loads, do not require cuts to the plinth up to 825 mm and adapt to any type of configuration. In fact, they can be used for three different installations: the first is characterized by a long front panel and is ideal for tall kitchens (hinge capable of supporting up to 15 kg); the second includes a front panel covered with a second layer of heavy materials such as marble (recommended for a weight of up to 13 kg); and finally the installation with 75 cm wide front panel (up to 14 kg), which can also cover a possible side pantry. The first model to be equipped with these hinges is the 7000 Series fully integrated dishwasher. This appliance features ProClean technology (with 4 spray arms and 5 washing levels), GlassCare system, SoftSpikes and SoftGrip supports to preserve glasses and stemware, MaxiFlex drawer for accommodate cutlery and kitchen utensils. The FHK74707P model combines the care of dishes with water and energy saving: through an intuitive display, the QuickSelect interface shows the consumption of the selected program, advising the consumer on the best one to use. A further reduction in waste is possible thanks to the AirDry technology: the dishwasher door opens automatically before the end of the cycle, allowing the air to circulate and leaving the load dry. Finally, the “Beam on Floor” system indicates, through a light signal projected on the floor, the progress of the process, silently alerting user when the cycle is finished.