Ardemagni: e-steel service centre in the heart of Europe


Founded in 1946, as a family-run business, Ardemagni grew over the years in the Italian market of the electrical steel distribution. “The business – Ardemagni explains – evolved rapidly over time, and by the 1970s it began processing electrical steel, establishing itself as a reference for the well-known Acciai Speciali Terni and Falk companies. By the early 1990s, thanks to both geographic proximity and successful relationships with Falk’s sales managers, Ardemagni had earned a prominent place on the Italian market in the distribution of electrical steel”. In 2010, China Steel Corporation (CSC) and Duferco International Trading Holding S.A. (DITH) invest in the Ardemagni Service Centre. DITH is a global leader in steel trading, and CSC produces NGO electrical steel. The partnership between Ardemagni, DITH and CSC led to faster business growth with the acquisition of new important customers. “For this reason – the company comments – a few years after the acquisition, we began to consider the expansion of the production site”. To respond to the growing demand for electrical steel for the production of e-motors, especially in the electric mobility sector, in 2016 the company decided to invest in a new plant. At the end of 2021, right on its 75th anniversary, the company left its historic headquarters to be relocated at the new plant near Milan. “China Steel Corporation, DITH and Ardemagni joined together to ensure the highest quality all along the supply chain of non-grain oriented electrical steel – Ardemagni says –. Fundamental assets for a steel processing company are financial strength and logistics management; supply chain security is vitally important in building and implementing a robust sourcing strategy. In a more and more complex international steel trade market, the alliance with DITH ensures Ardemagni has access to appropriate financial resources while benefitting from world-leading steel logistics capability. The alliance with CSC represents for Ardemagni the key to value creation in downstream operations. Access to steady and consistent volumes of highest quality material, continuous benefit from CSC technical development and tailored technical support to customers is only a part of the service that Ardemagni can offer to its customers in all application fields. Headquartered in Taiwan, with 16 million tons of steel production capacity, CSC has positioned itself as a group that not only integrates steel and materials, engineering and services, mining, and resources, but also strives to be an excellent eco-friendly and resource-saving global player”. Ardemagni imports coils and processes, packages and delivers strips to customers’ specifications. The company’s electrical steel is primarily utilised in electric motors for industrial applications, e-mobility and power generation. Moreover about 8% of its electrical steel is used for production of static machines such as small transformers, reactors and inductors.