Multi core AWM cables by Salcavi Industrie


The UL approved multi core AWM cables by Salcavi Industrie are suitable for internal or external wiring of electric and electronic equipment. They are also suggested as sensor & led cables or instrumentation cables. As regards to the structure, these products present flexible stranded conductor with electrolytic bare or tinned copper. The insulation is made of PE, PP, PVC or SR PVC. The inner cores can be laid parallel forming a flat cable or can be twisted together forming round multi-core or multi-pair cables. Optionally, these cables can have copper screen or aluminum tape, under the jacket. Besides, the outer jacket can be made of PVC or PUR. Other technical features are: rated voltage 300 – 600 – 1000 V; rated temperature between 80°C and 105°C; minimum bending radius between 6 x D and 8 x D according to diameter; test voltage between 3 kV and 10 kV; short-circuit temperature 160°C.