Electrolux: new product range for garment care


Electrolux launches its new range dedicated to the garment care, which aims to limit the environmental impact and make clothing last longer. In particular, the Series 600-700-800-900 washing machines, the Series 700-800 washer-dryers and the Series 600-700-900 dyers are introduced on the Italian market. As for extending the life of clothing, low wash temperatures and short cycles can help. The UltraQuick 59/49/39min function, for example, allows user to remove over 50 common stains at 30°C and with a cycle of less than an hour. This result is achieved thanks to a system that premixes and distributes the detergent and fabric softener in a uniform way before they reach the drum, ensuring an effective use of the resources. This program, available on the Series 800-900 washing machines and on the Series 800 washer dryers, can also save energy.
Furthermore, the new models are equipped with the most advanced screen ever produced by Electrolux to date, the DynamicDisplay available for washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers. Through this display the appliance provides suggestions and, by customizing the settings, users can quickly access their favorite wash cycles. In addition, the control panel focuses the attention on functions and features that can improve the efficiency and optimize the use of resources. All functions are also accessible through the new Electrolux app which has been improved and provides consumption data. Finally, the SmartSelect function guides consumers to save time, energy and water: available on some models of washing machines and dryers in the Series 700-800-900, it adjusts the cycle according to the needs. Besides, as regards to the Series 900 dryers, the SmartSave function allows user to choose between faster drying or reduced energy consumption.
Some models of the new range for the garment care are part of the Electrolux EcoLine selection, which includes the brand’s most energy efficient products.


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