Technology and sustainability for vending


An increasingly demanding user base is raising the bar of technological innovation in the vending industry for functionality and performance. The answer comes from Rhea Vendors Group with its range of latest-generation machines for the new retail, hotellerie and out-of-home sectors: automatic freestanding and table-top solutions that offer operators recipe variety and machine customization to create their own personalized hospitality offerings connected to the environment in which they will be consumed according to the different ways in which beverages are enjoyed and served.

A word from the CEO

«We want to confirm our constant and concrete commitment to vending that has to respond effectively to a demand for higher quality that is increasingly widespread among consumers: improving the coffee moment is not just about coffee quality or machine design and technology, but above all the ability to merge all these and other elements to interpret the new expectations of a consumer at that precise moment and in that precise place», explains Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Rhea.

Rhea’s rhFS2 machine

The rhFS2 freestanding machine is designed for premium vending where the large touch screen also allows videos, images, menus and other information to be presented to the user. The cup station is very large so that longer drinks can be served.

New products include the rhTT1 automatic table top coffee machine with touch screen, which integrates at its side a fresh milk machine for the preparation of beverages with fresh milk but also plant based, a solution aimed at consumers who seek lactose-free beverages or who choose to consume non-animal derived foods.

Sustainability is at the core

One of the pillars of Rhea’s world is sustainability, which looks at both the production sphere and the effects on the social sphere with the activation of a virtuous mechanism to encourage the spread of sustainable practices for its customers and partners as well. On the occasion of Venditalia, the company launched an initiative aimed at stimulating and supporting virtuous behaviours to make the vending sector more sustainable by making available to those who join, a contribution that must be allocated to the financing of sustainability policies. The models used to convey the initiative are characterized by elements that raise their level of sustainability, such as the strong energy savings generated by the Induction Heating System, Rhea’s proprietary patent, as well as the choice of materials and a modular and flexible design architecture for more effective maintenance of components, increasing the potential life cycle of the machine and its recyclability. Rhea’s innovative approach is part of the company’s commitment to intervene in the entire value chain, from supplier to end user, to create a virtuous circle involving all stakeholders.

«This initiative was created with the aim of stimulating cooperation between companies in our supply chain to increase the contribution to sustainability of the entire vending sector», Pozzolini points out.

The machines covered by the proposal will be recognizable by the rhea ESG logo and a QR code that will make end consumers aware of the features and objectives of the initiative.

«Rhea ESG is part of the initiatives with which we want to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda Goals, particularly Goal 12, which promotes sustainable production and consumption models», Pozzolini concludes.