New Hoover HF2 with Ultra Compact X3 technology


The new HF2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Hoover is designed to be light (2.1 kg) and easy to handle. The main innovation of this product is the Ultra Compact X3 technology, capable of compacting the dust in the container, reaching a tripled capacity in terms of space (up to almost 1 liter) and therefore maximizing the dirt collection. Furthermore, the appliance is equipped with the Anti-Twist technology and is available in two different versions: HF2 Home and HF2 Pet, a specific solution for those who live with pets. “Hoover – Atena Manca, Marketing Director Italy of Haier Europe, declares – has always been among the pioneers in the world of vacuuming and with this new launch it confirms its ability to innovate in the category. Thanks to the Ultra Compact X3 technology, HF2 allows, with a single gesture, to compact up to 3 times the dust inside the collection container and continue vacuuming without loss of power. A real plus for our customers”.