Whirlpool ExtraSpace microwave: the flexibility of a traditional oven


The Whirlpool ExtraSpace free-standing microwave oven allows user to have the cooking flexibility of a traditional oven. Thanks to the combined technology, it offers in a single product the functions of an oven, a microwave and even an air fryer, allowing consumer to do much more than heat foods. With the CrispFry function, for example, it is possible to have crispy fried foods, also without adding oil, thanks to the combined action of the Crisp plate and thermo-ventilated cooking. Furthermore, the appliance is equipped with the steam cooking function and the Auto Clean function. The product is user-friendly even for less experienced chefs because the 6TH SENSE technology automatically adjusts time, temperature and energy consumption based on the recipe chosen from the 60 available. ExtraSpace has a full flat cavity without the turntable which allows user to have up to 30% more space than a 25 liter microwave.