Oldrati Group celebrates its 60th anniversary and company’s sustainable developments


At the Adro event on 7 June, Oldrati Group presented the company’s rebranding and technological innovations such as Ogreen, while also delving into the brand’s environmental and social sustainability issues

Oldrati Group, one of the most important international groups in the production of technical articles in rubber, plastic and silicone, celebrated 60 years since its foundation with an event that traces the history of the company and its evolution in a sustainable key. The Group presented the rebranding of Oldrati Group and its logo, reflecting continuity and innovation, two fundamental qualities of the company.

A sustainable history

Since the 1970s, Oldrati Group has been engaged in regeneration and sustainability projects that have led to important milestones, including the installation of a total photovoltaic area of 18000 square metres with an installed capacity of 4075 kWp. Since 2017, the Group has started a gradual process of digitalization and paperless, reducing consumption and costs.

«This commitment to sustainability led to the realisation of the first Sustainability Report in 2023, underlining the company’s dedication to the search for sustainable and innovative solutions», says Giorgia Oldrati, CSR & DEI Manager.

Giorgia Oldrati, CSR & DEI manager

The report based on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, carried out in accordance with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), highlighted a structured and functional governance, with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability issues. It highlighted how Oldrati Group has invested over the years in innovation and the continuous search for sustainable solutions to offer its customers, involving not only its stakeholders but also its employees, whose attention to these represents an increasingly important aspect for the Group’s well-being.

Ogreen, an innovative project

«One of the Oldrati Group’s main projects in this area is Ogreen, a technological innovation that allows the production of quality technical articles in regenerated rubber, significantly reducing environmental impact. Its evolution has made it possible to extend its application to new materials such as thermoplastics and silicone», comments Silvana Fantoni, Sales Group Director.

Silvana Fantoni, sales group director

Using eco-sustainable materials, in fact, brings with it important advantages, in particular the introduction of circular economy principles applied to the world of polymers, the reduction of consumption of virgin resources, the reduction of waste and the reduction of landfill use. All aimed at reducing environmental impact. Thanks to continuous investment in research and development, the company has expanded the application of Ogreen to the automotive industry, household appliances, plumbing, hobbies and sports, and others.

Oldrati Group’s innovations include Ogreen

Since 2020, 5,434 tonnes of material have been regenerated through Ogreen, thus avoiding the release of 1,500 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, a figure derived from an LCA analysis, representing an innovative solution for technical rubber articles with a low environmental impact.

The data collected highlight Oldrati Group’s achievements in complying with environmental regulations, demonstrating the success of the sustainability and CO2 emission reduction targets imposed on industrial sectors.

The CEO’s comment

Manuel Oldrati, CEO of the Oldrati Group

«It is a source of pride to be able to share all the activities that the Oldrati Group is implementing and to highlight all that is being done not only financially but also ethically, an enormous intangible value for Oldrati».

«As we celebrate our company’s 60th anniversary, we look back with satisfaction at our achievements and with determination at the challenges ahead. In the future, we want to improve our competencies, our organisation and our market positioning. We are particularly excited about our sustainable practices and innovations such as Ogreen, which reflect our commitment to a greener future. These initiatives represent a significant step towards an increasingly sustainable future», said Manuel Oldrati, CEO of the Oldrati Group.


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