Siemens: iQ700 studioLine oven with automatic food recognition


SiemensiQ700 studioLine oven with automatic food recognition can identify over 40 dishes and suggest the most suitable cooking method. With the help of the browning sensor – a feature that uses Artificial Intelligence and the integrated camera in the oven cavity – user can choose the desired browning level of the dish, from 1 to 5. The sensor works with both homemade and ready-made foods and recognizes many types of pizza, bread and lasagna. Besides, it’s possible to look inside the oven using the Home Connect app on the smartphone: in this way there is no need to open the appliance and let the heat escape. Finally, the wireless roastingSensor heat probe (available from September 2024) ensures even cooking by measuring the internal temperature of meat or fish at four different points. It connects via Bluetooth and allows consumer to monitor food temperatures in real time via the Home Connect app. It sends a notification when cooking is complete.